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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> dan: good evening, i'm dan ashley. the breaking news is about the disappearance the criminal defense attorney. short time ago oakland police are heading to
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vallejo. think are searching the fairgrounds and lake chabot of them will be joined by the sheriff's office and f.b.i. police also confirmed they have taken into custody this man on a separate offense. they say she was with the night she disappeared. a close friend tells abc7 news that he is person of interest in the case and he is an ex-boyfriend and registered sex offender. >> we know that person over 20 years ago dated sandra very briefly. he reappeared in the bay area rather recently and reached out to her for help. >> that help was to try to turn his life around. this comes on the same day that the family announced a $100,000 reward in this missing person's case. lyanne melendez has more on that. >> i'm here with several members of my family and we will not leave until she is found.
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>> that is sandra's sister surrounded by a few of the her many friends. they gathered to announce the $100,000 reward along with the tip line they hope will help locate her. 50-year-old was last seen by her teenage daughter on sunday night when she left the house. >> she left the house to go to the drugstore and hours later when she didn't come back, she called me. >> her friends believe that at some point between her home and the drugstore she may have gotten a phone call, perhaps they say to meet someone who apparently had information on her missing dog. the dog was stolen in may when her home was burglarized. her family says it wasn't the first time sandra had gotten a call from someone about her missing dog. one caller tried to extort money from her. shortly after disapouring they found her car empty in an oakland parking lot. work cellphone was discovered nearby and
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personal cellphone was tracked to richmond. yesterday oakland pd went into her home to look at her computer. she had used an online dating service before. she is death penalty appeals investigator. she works for the defenders office in sacramento. >> we are remaining optimistic that she is being held someplace against her will. she will be returned to us. >> sent she went missing, family and co-workers have posted flyers in surrounding areas. there is facebook page signed by her. >> family members don't think what she did for a living had anything to do with her disappearance. >> dan: we will bring you any more information as it develops during this newscast or on "abc 7 news" at 11:00. we are following this story on twitter. now to the arrest in the murder of 19-year-old
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nursing student shot and killed last weekend. a man was booked for murder and felon in possession of a firearm. a nursing student was shot while riding in a car in downtown san jose early saturday morning. we don't know many details on how or why the shooting occurred but police say she was an innocent victim. >> the investigation continues and obviously he was interviewed. we continue to mull over the physical evidence we recovered at the scene. we're not going to say specifically what part he played or how we determined he was a suspect. we did present charges to the district attorney's office and they have filed homicide charges against him. >> when he was arrested, officers searched him and found a handgun. ballistic tests are being performed to determine if the weapon was the same one to kill the nursing student. >> skyline college in san bruno was on lockdown with a report of a gun. everybody was evacuated safely.
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school closed for the evening and cancelled all classes. they posted the information as you can see here on the website. the school is regularly closed on friday. >> we were overhead after a muni bus firefighters put out a bus fire in san francisco's richmond district. this is the second time in a week a bus has caught on fire with passengers on board. an engine problem is thought to have started the fire. >> a new brush fire in san bernardino. it's burned about 45 acres so far. mandatory evacuations are underway. the fire is burning in steep terrain inaccessible by roads. they are hiking in to get to the flames. this fire is burning north of wrightwood. that fire has grown to 14,000 acres. it is 20% contained. hundreds of homes are
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evacuated and hundreds more are threatened and more than thousand firefighters are on the scene and soon be joined by firefighters from santa cruz. said garcia spoke to one man that -- sid garcia spoke to one man. >> this is where steve was supposed to get married on saturday. the fire destroyed his home. after evacuated he saw his home go up in flames. >> home didn't bother me that much, it's a material thing. you can always replace those. the work we put in getting to the wedding, that still bothers me. what we're going to, do we have family from back east. just not knowing how we are going to get it all rearranged by saturday. >> he tells me he lost everything including the tuxedo he was going to wear for his wedding. >> what do you need to make sure that you will get married on saturday? >> buying all the food.
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we just have the clothes we have on. >> they checked on the house a as the fire raced closer to the property. he escaped when the house koot caught on fire. >> i ran out and opened the doors and dogs jumped in and i took off and flames were coming across the road. i looked back at it.... >> he says he has been able to get a suite for saturday's wedding and fiance has been able to find a new dress. >> now to the bart strike an efforts to avoid it. bart and two labor unions were back at the bargaining table, first time since governor brown called for a board of inquiry sunday night. the two sides say they are willing to negotiate around the clock but remain tens of millions of dollars apart.
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monday's strike is still possible if it's not resolved by sunday and if the governor does not call for a 60-day cooling-off period. >> a gas leak shut down a street in burlingame. it happened around 4:30 this morning. pg&e was called immediately but no one called the burlingame police department until about an hour after it happened. police arrived on the scene around 5:30. it was capped and the area cleared about 10:00 in the morning. pg&e are investigating the incident. >> college bound students from one of the best high schools are protesting a decision to toss out their advanced placement test scores. those high schools failed to follow the rules for the advancement of tests and they say the scores don't count. more from mark matthews. >> reporter: these high school grads are small
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sample of 200 students in that school that took advanced exams hoping to place in college classes they found the exams have been disqualified because the school did not abide by the rules to administer the tests. some sat closer than the five feet prescribed by the testing service. what the test service found out the college board tossed out the examination and told the students we had to test again. >> we didn't know. there is still no proof of misconduct. >> they say it's a matter of principle and the school's principal says the school didn't follow the rules exactly but there was no cheating. >> there was no cheating. students worked with integrity. >> school notified the testing service they would sue to get the test scores reinstated. first hearing was set today here in redwood city but lawyers for the college board and testing service
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filed a motion to move into federal court. a lawyer says it's a delay tactic. >> we think the retest were scheduled to start on friday. >> this friday? >> this friday. >> and they could rescheduled tomorrow and could be all over by the time it gets to the federal court. they say their primary concern is to ensure the impact students are able to retest and earn valid scores. some of the students say they are going to refuse to retake, not just worried because they may not do as well but they feel punished for something they say they didn't do. >> more to come, dramatic shooting in the south bay. gun. >> coming up, a standoff and a call for surrender. >> also tonight how to enjoy the outside lands music festival even if you don't have a ticket. spencer christian is here.
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>> dan: in sunnyvale a man that reported that he killed a person was himself shot by officers after he reportedly charged with a gun. we was in a court yesterday and the wife was the person he killed. she is filed for a stlo. >> sun sunnyvale police arrived at the home after receiving a disturbing call. >> we received a phone call stating that he had killed somebody in the residence. >> they surrounded the house. they tried to make contact with the man inside. >> after numerous attempts, bullhorns, there was no response at the residence. >> shortly after 10:00, s.w.a.t. team members begin approaching the door of the
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house. a neighbor was outside his home. >> then all of a sudden, i heard a pop, pop, pop sound. i think they got the guy. >> this is video we shot just at that moment. first you hear an officer telling the man to come out with his hands up. take a listen. [ gun shots ] >> as police searched the home they came up on a female body. police withheld the name of the resident and that of the dead woman but we have learned that owns a metal works company a short drive from the home. they had cordoned off the tri plex. he used one unit as his office and rented out the others. people that we spoke to he was nice quiet guy but kept to himself.
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>> i didn't even know him. >> neighbors say in is peaceful neighborhood. they can't remember the last time police were called here. >> dan: the san francisco sheriff's department says it will soon begin notifying crime victims when an offender is released or transferred. a phone call would go out eight hours from the transfer. they did the program ten years ago but it lost funding and hope to get it up and running in a few days. spencer christian is here with the forecast. still cool outside. >> still cool outside. >> cooler than average. we are seeing signs of warming. live look at 7 hd. we had more clouds at the coast earlier than we have right now. there are patches pushing locally inland from the coast. we'll see widespread clouds
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overnight. today we had record rainfall here in san francisco for this date, .03 of an inch. so we had a lot of drizzle this morning and breaking the old record set back in 1907. there was thunderstorm activity way up to the north which is one of the reasons we have red flag warning because of the lightning strikes there in effect until 8:00 tomorrow evening. possible more lightning strikes tomorrow. it's a little foggy there. 56 degrees is the current temperature in san francisco. 57 at half moon bay. another view from roof camera doesn't seem to be showing us much. santa rosa, 58 degrees. napa, 57. 56 in novato. concord, 60 and 60 at
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livermore. a look at the other side of the bridge from the south beach camera in downtown san francisco and forecast, we see low clouds and fog returning tonight. a little warmer over the weekend. now as we look ahead we can see this low pressure system that has brought us the cooler than average pattern lift together northwest as the low pulls away it will gradually started warming up and feel more like summer. overnight tonight, pleasantly cool to mild with low temperatures in the mid 50s and chance for drizzle near the coast in the early morning hours. in the afternoon tomorrow, mainly sunny skies in the south bay with high temperatures in the 70s. up to 75 in san jose and 79 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, low to mid-70s. 70 in san mateo. 74 in redwood city. 64 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco, high of 65 tomorrow. 62 in the sunset district. mild in the north bay with highs mainly in the mid-70s. 75 at santa rosa and sonoma.
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76 at napa. east bay, 70s in oakland. inland east bay, temperatures beginning to climb just a little bit up to 79 at walnut creek. 80 at livermore, antioch and fairfield. here is the seven-day forecast. a gradual warming trend continues through the weekend and by mid-week, we will see inland highs up to 90 degrees. up to 80 around the bay and mid-60s around the coast and finally it will feel like summer with five weeks left. >> better late than never. >> coming up, a tunnel of fire falls apart. a dramatic escape. missing for 40 years and now found. where the family was located
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actress karen black has died. she appeared in more than a hundred movies. she died from complications from cancer. she was 74. a father and son have been found living in the jungle of vietnam four decades after they went missing after the war with the united states. last time anyone saw the two they ran into the forest in 1973 after a bomb exploded killing the rest of their family. they survived by growing vegetables and hunting animals. they reportedly had no contact with the outside world. in fact the son can barely communicate. they were discovered by locals looking for firewood in the forest.
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>> now to technology and the music festival outside lands. it kicks off tomorrow in golden gate park and host 65,000 fans every day all weekend. jondz bloom explains how you can plug in and get connected to the live music even if you are not there. >> as the road crew tune and tested mccartney's piano, color bar and jumbo trons have changed rock concerts. >> all the facial expressions, it puts a personal look on it but you may be 40 yards away from the stage. >> metallica wound up on youtube. it will be streamed across the country. >> we have been sold out. there are a lot of locals that haven't had a chance to get tickets. >> also streaming a radio
9:25 pm
station called tune in. >> panned paul mccart in any is just taking the stage. >> they will broadcast and do interviews. >> so we'll do interviews live in the tent. >> but maybe the biggest piece of technology is the smallest. smart phones have changed the way we enjoy music and they are changing outside lands, as well. equally important is on what the other end. >> when mccartney comes on stage and anyone will want to say video, they will be utilizing and downloading things at once. >> so at&t brought a mobile cell site. cow is short for cell on wheels. it will be chock-full of equipment. at&t even got a mobile
9:26 pm
command center. >> we can react if something were to go down or. that doesn't include fires on stage. those are supposed to happen. >> dan: that will be great weekend of music. bridge fix, the steel saddles to reinforce those bolts on the bridge. new time line for when they are expected to be done. also ahead, a major breakthrough in a search for a vaccine for malaria. and two bay area tech giants in a fight. and fight over a freeway bypass that some say is a big waste of taxpaye
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sky7hd was overhead as the new retrofit of the bay bridge. it's a start of a month long fix that was supposed to open on labor day weekend but that is not hatching. laura anthony was up on the bridge today and has the latest. >> reporter: at least part of the fix for t new bay bridge as crews begin pouring concrete for the saddle system that is being installed to shore up a series of broken bolts. >> it's on top of the beam that is below the road deck. they are basically pouring concrete that is going below, about 1200 millimeters. it's going to form a blister the entire thing.
9:31 pm
>> it's being fabricated on mare island and another facility in alabama. they are expected to be delivered by september. 33 giant bolts that snapped back in march. it will allow the bridge to sway and control the movement in case of a big earthquake. the entire saddle system should be done by mid-september. >> as we get closer to the date and we get a sense whether it's holding, that combined with traffic and weather, the whole bridge committee will be pick a new opening day. >> caltrans could not say whether it will be open before the new year. >> dan: major medical breakthrough. u.s. researchers have successfully tested a vaccine for malaria. the vaccine involves multiple inthat venous injections of weakened form
9:32 pm
of the disease. vaccine is not ready for travelers yet. the national institute of health, navy and army took part in the tests. the tropical deceased kills about one million people a year. it's very much a real threat around the world. >> if you or someone you know is trying to get pregnant a new app will tell you the best time to conceive. glow was developed by paypal executive. free app tracks ovulation cycle and sexual activity, as well. that is fed into scientists and physicians who crunch the numbers. the app also offers a paid version that helps pay for fertility treatment. they are subsidized by a pool of cash by other users. >> yahoo acquisition of tum bler includes one million
9:33 pm
payment to carp. he turned 27 last month. he started the company in 2007 a few years after he dropped out of high school to concentrate on computer programming. the people who created youtube have a new focus. they have launched mixed about it. it shows video from their phones, once uploaded mixed bit videos are fair game for others to mix with their own creating new videos up for a long long. >> months of protests have slowed down a caltrans project but construction has not stopped. we first told you last may about a multimillion dollar freeway built on sensitive wetlands. it could be spent on roads anywhere in california. tonight, we bring you up to date on what is happening to
9:34 pm
your transportation dollars. the question is caltrans misleading taxpayers? >> the bay area is now considered the eighth most congested traffic spot in the world. los angeles is number three but caltrans is planning to spend $300 million in little town of wimlits where traffic is going down. construction on the new road has already started. >> as ceo of a corporation would be fired for this kind of horrible destructive decision-making. >> he is petroleum engineer. he joined the coalition of groups fighting this project. more than 30 protestors have been arrested. highway patrol now guards the site 24 hours a day. caltrans is determined to keep going. >> this has been a top priority of many local agencies for decades. >> willit says 135 miles north of san francisco on highway 101, major route
9:35 pm
north to eureka. >> to be the lifeline to the north coast. >> that may be true, but the time they go through willits that are only 8,000 vehicles a day on the road. they want to build a four lane freeway. that is 300 million dollars for six miles of freeway designed to bypass this. >> two lanes of traffic heading north just gridlock. >> a city councilman supports the plan. there is no question something needs to be done but others say caltrans solution is way too expensive and does too much damage to sensitive wetlands. >> it's too destructive and only sois a very small segment of the traffic. >> remember that bottleneck? 70% is just local. so most of the cars won't even use the bypass. to get an idea who would drive on the bypass. we found these photos from
9:36 pm
their own traffic cameras on 101 north of willits. it shows 60% of these vehicles are driving through willits, so this is closer to the level of traffic that might be expected on the bypass. caltrans told us these pictures don't give a true understanding of traffic. we went back to see for ourselves. the. this the is what the traffic looks like in the late afternoon where the road is generally business. most of the time it looks more like this. we also checked the caltrans traffic cam repeatedly for two months. only really heavy traffic we saw because during a music festival. caltrans say they don't design roads for holidays. >> the number of cars that are predicted to use this bypass is so small. >> how did a project that seems so out of scale get approved. it started in mid 90s when they predicted it would grow by 60% over 20 years.
9:37 pm
it didn't. the size of the freeway plan has not changed. caltrans first claimed only four lane routes were considered due to a federal highway administration requirement. they posted it on our website and told us in an interview and constantly repeated it. this the letter from an engineer that is not true. it says level of service is not determined of eligibility. >> it's up to the state and caltrans and not the federal government. caltrans says the earlier statement still was true indirectly. >> it's true in the context, that the federal highway administration requires us to meet the purpose and need for a project. >> dan: construction is starting with just two lanes but tens of millions are being spent to prepare the area for four. >> all the permits are for a four-lane project. we purchased the land for
9:38 pm
that. >> critics are not giving up. >> it could be approved two-lane road. >> keep in mind the environment impact of the bypass is still extensive. they are required to do $50 million to compensate both sides are still waiting for a judge to rule in a lawsuit over environmental issues. we have links to caltrans' planning and bypass opponents, click on "see it on tv". coming up next, sudden impact. the latest government crash tests on small cars when "abc 7 news" at 9:00
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>> dan: pot news keeps coming for tesla.
9:42 pm
sedan aced the first crash test. they gave the electric car a five-star rating in each category. front end crash, side crash and rollover. it comes one day after tesla gave a positive earnings report. today nearly half of the small cars tested performed poorly. tests are new, designed to see how well the cars stand up to one of the most common and most deadly types of real world crashes, the kind that happens almost every day. here is david curly. >> this kind of crash is responsible for one of every four serious injuries or deaths. this is new test which simulates with a quarter of the car is hit. six small cars did not do well. watch this kia what they call a horrendous collapse. slamming into the hed test
9:43 pm
of the head dummy. nissan sentra will rated marginal or poor. >> the big problem here is a structural problem. safety cage needs to be stronger. >> despite the poor ratings, car makers say the vehicles get good ratings in other tests and they are working to improve safety. this is what they are loing for. honda civic got highest because nothing intrude in order the passenger come parted amount. six small cars got that rating. they hope it leads to safer cars. a daredevil has cheated death after an attempt took a near disastrous. he tried to drive through a tunnel of fire. they lit the fire moments before he spin into the tunnel but the whole thing started to collapse. he was inside racing at full speed stuck as the fire
9:44 pm
threatened to speishl out of control. after several agonizing seconds he stumbled out of the tunnel after crashing his bike into a wall. he was able to walk away but his hands are apparently burned. as for his motor bike it was turned into a badly piece of debris. these images are from motor u.s.a. >> coming up next, the latest craze on the summer vacation. look at 'em.
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bringing back the pied piper. that is the painting that hung behind the bar. it had been at the bar since they opened after the 1906 earthquake. news they were selling the painting caused an uproar. they backtracked and had it restored in new york. the painting is expected to return on august 22. let's move to the pied piper of weather. [ laughter ] >> the prince of precipitation. live doppler radar image, clear skies and it's beginning to push locally. statewide, mainly sunny and mild. thunderstorms will rumble. area for lightning strikes and possibility of fire getting milder. inland highs up to around 80 degrees. first day of the outside lands music festival kicking off tomorrow at noon. low clouds around golden
9:49 pm
gate park. sunny skies and a little milder and 9:00 tomorrow night, it will get chilly.sevens inland through the weekend and into monday. but mid-week, up to 90 and mid-60s around the coast. >> i prefer to think of you as sultan of sunshine. >> that is even better. that is my new title. >> who would want to fly like james bond? dan harris checked out the new summer thrill that has people taking to the skies on their own. >> this summer you can do more than see a super hero movie you can be one. leonardo dicaprio is doing it and rob lowe is doing it. >> it's personal flight. it's every person's dream. it truly is like being a super hero. you are flying through the air.
9:50 pm
you can go underwater, too. >> inspired by james bond in thunder ball, these things are now for rent at increasing number of beaches. some have raised safety concerns but jet lab claims they have a, quote, perfect safety record. >> it's very little effort on your part. >> i had to try it. jet pack is powered by water. this boat sucks it in and shoots out of the backpack at thousand gallons a minute. as you can see i had a little bit of trouble mastering it. i did finally get up in the air. it wasn't pretty but it was fun. cheaper versions are on the way so soon this... might be you. >> dan: that does look like fun. >> it's a little are tricky
9:51 pm
to maneuver. i would like to come into work that thing. >> avoid all the traffic. >> i like it. >> and pre-season games, get kind of ugly. we saw that with the niners, kaeper
9:52 pm
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coming up at 11:00, more on the breaking news we're following tonight. urgent search happening in solano county in connection with missing woman. new details on the crash of the flight 214. new lawsuit filed by crash victims of them claim the airline protected first class passengers more than in coach. those stories coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7, but larry is here with football highlights. >> we get so excited when football season comes around and then you see pre-season game and kaepernick plays
9:55 pm
for five minutes. kaepernick was razor sharp but jim harbaugh would not be happy with four turnovers. he is ready to start the regular season. found new receiver twice. setting up new kicker phil dawson. he is two of three on field goal attempts 3-0 niners. only touchdown comes on a fumble. he got crushed and gives it to sean phillips. hereby is one catch and then he fumbles. a.j. has to find an "a" game in hurry. anderson, hit hard. 15 carries, sitting up a bronco field goal. he tried to hold up on the throw and niners lose 10-6
9:56 pm
and here is harbaugh. >> four times offensively. we got work to do. that we did and hard to win a game when you are doing that. >> more niner news, eric wright is a quarterback again. they acquired acquired him last month. he failed a physical and bucks got him and niners signed him to a one-year deal. he had a personal situation going on that the deem would not discuss, placed on the non-football injury list. tiger woods won his fifth tournament of the year last week but it's been five years since his last victory in a major and shaky finish cost him in round one. final major of the year in rochester, new york. solid round but a brutal finish from the rough, bunker on nine.
9:57 pm
double bogey. he shoots one over. jim furyk, five under 65. great touch for the bird. march kin, the approach, look at the backspin. right back into the hole. that was for an eagle. phil mickelson double bogeys 18. he is one over. defending champ reba mcentire >> and watch this one adam scott. nicely done. he hit on five straight birdies at one point. just one bogey on the day. scott and jim furyk are co-leaders. one up on westwood. seven way tie. three under with tiger and phil both at one over. >> the real focus on big tournaments. everyone around me has had that focus and comes here to
9:58 pm
do the business. think i we carry ourselves accordingly. >> in the midst of giants misery, eight scoreless innings. ready for the niners at night. here it comes, there it goes. turns on inside fastball. three run blast. 3-0 giants. brand done crawford goes the opposite way to bring in marco scutaro. lincecum allowed one hit and struck out eight. carlos gomez is not a happy man. got a run in the ninth but nothing more for sergio romo blacks ouz gomez. 4-1 win. >> a's had date off and wanted their infield back. rangers claimed the waivers and played in three-game series but he never played
9:59 pm
at all for texas. today the a's acquired him off of waivers. kind of funny. routing for the a's and wayne week they fired up to be a texas ranger now back with the a's. >> thanks larry very much. that is this edition for abc news at 9:00. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. "abc 7 news" continues online, facebook and all your mobile devices with our new apgs. we'll see you on channel 7 at 11:00.
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mac: you accidentally burn down a building, and you get 120 hours of community service? now this says that i got to work with kids. - yeah, me, too. - now, i don't like kids. yeah, i have 248 hours of, uh... interstate. inter... interstate. sanitation.


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